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Welcome to our bling showcase.

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Definition of bling bling

:: Noun. synonym for expensive, often flashy jewellery sported mostly by African American hip-hop artists and middle class Caucasian adolescents.

:: Verb. to "bling-bling;" the act of sporting jewellery of a highly extravagant gaudy nature.

:: Usage. "Man, I gots tha bling-bling, yo." v. "Damn Johnny, you sure be bling-blinging it tonight!"

Create Your Own Bling Belt

Personalised Bling Belts

Bling Belt - Choose Your Own Text

These ever-popular Name Bling Belts are the perfect personalised fashion accessory. There's even a bling belt simulator to see how your belt will look.

Price: 18.00 :: Click here for more information

Angelina Joile Style Sunglasses

Versace Angelia Jolie Style Sunglasses

Versace Angelia Jolie Style Sunglasses

Celebrity style sunglasses in the style of Angelina Jolie featuring

  • Italian cutting-edge desisgn
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Max UV Protection
  • Free Pouch

Price: 24.00 :: Click here for more information

Jordan Kat Pendant

Jordan Kat Bling Pendant

Jordan Kat Pendant

Check out this Pave KAT Pendant which is Rhodium plated with Austrian Crystals and includes an 18" chain. The flower comes in Red or Green crystal and there's also a matching bracelet available.

Price: 14.99 :: Click here for more information

Vegas Night Fever Bling Belt

Vegas Night Fever Bling Belt


This is the perfect Saturday night party belt - pure bling in a buckle with dazzling stones to add sparkle to any outfit. There's a selection of different buckle designs and they all include a FREE leather belt.

Price: 15.00 :: Click here for more information

Rhinestone Cowgirl Bling Belt

Rhinestone Cowgirl Bling Belt

Rhinestone Cowgirl Belt

Inspired by the original Kippy Belts which cost hunderds of pounds these are real leather belts encrusted with studs and rhinestones indidually rivetted to the leather, with a rhinestone encrusted metal buckle and tip - top quality bling at affordable prices.

Price: 24.99 :: Click here for more information

Chapel of Love Buckle

Chapel of Love Buckle


Heavenly in more ways than one this burnished metal contemporary crucifix buckle with contrasting textures looks great with Denim jeans. All Vegas Buckles come with a FREE leather belt of your choice, just choose your belt size and colour.

Price: 15.00 :: Click here for more information

Diamante Mouse

Diamante Mouse, diamond studded mouse

Pimp your PC with this diamante mouse. It's the nearest thing you're going to get to a glitterball on your desk and to complete the makeover you're going to need some disco music and some cool shades, Pha-Shiz!

Reduces RSI - Probably!

Don't quote us on this (or use it as a selling point with your boss) but it'll probably also reduce RSI because you'll spend more time looking at it than actually using it!

Perfect to SAD Sufferers - We reckon!

With most of the visual spectrum flying off in all directions that's got to produce a general feeling of well being.

Age range - It's definitely a choking Hazard!

Obviously don't give this to junior blingers because they're bound to choke on the sparkly bits and girl guides would make their own but it should be suitable for everyone from hardcore blingers all the way up to pearly kings and queens. This product also carries a risk of spontaneous choking/puking.

Price: 27.99 :: Click here to get this bling...